eBilling Specialist


As aneBilling Specialist you will assist with the management of electronic billing formultiple law firms in the US as part of a centralized team.

Your responsibilities

  • Gatheringinformation and documentation to facilitatetheset-up of new clients
  • Ongoing maintenance of existing clients in the designated eBilling Software and vendor sites;
  • Collaboratingwiththe localteam,as well as firm personnel,to ensurethetimely submission of invoices and re-submission of corrected and/or appealed invoices.

Job Requirements:

  • Education:Bachelor degree.
  • Experience:2+ Years of work experience in a customer service capacity. Freshers with the right skill set will be considered. Must be service oriented, self-motivated, and have superior organizational and technical skills. Experience with Microsoft Office products, excellent communication and interpersonal skills required.

Working hours – US shifts 6:30pm to 3:30pm

Are you interested in this role? Well then! What are you waiting for? Fill out the form below and we will reach out to you to get your CV.

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