This position is responsible for compounding and dispensing prescribed drugs as per physician’s instructions for online subscription orders. The pharmacist has to manage a high volume of prescriptions and get involved in operational activities.

Reporting: Store Manager

Your responsibilities:

 Check prescriptions to ensure that there are no errors and that they are appropriate and safe for the individual patient.
 Dispense the medicines as per the prescription.
 Bill the medicines dispensed and collect cash.
 Check the expiry date and batch number of the medicine and compare it with the bill entry.
 Contacting referring physicians’ offices with questions over prescription.
 Maintaining inventory of the medicines dispensed.
 Keep records of patient history and of all activities regarding heavy medication.
 Handle customer queries, and resolve their issues or initiate appropriate steps such as complaint escalation to relevant departments for resolution.
 Record all pharmacy transactions and keeping cash registers up-to-date.
 Comply with all applicable legal rules, regulations and procedures.
 Maintain confidentiality with respect to customers’ medical details.

Skills and Competencies:

o Analyzing information
o Communication skills
o People skills.
o Ability to read and understand written prescription instructions.
o Mathematical and computer skills
o Attention to details.

Job Requirements:

  • Education: B. Pharm / D. Pharm
  • Work experience: Minimum 3 years
  • Gender: Male candidates preferred

Working hours: 24/7 shifts

Location: Bangalore, Belgaum, Hubli & Goa

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