Office Administrator

Location: Hyderabad


As an Office Administrator, you would be required to perform a variety of administrative, HR and clerical tasks and report to the Director of the company based in Goa. We are a rapidly growing company and would need someone to work hard to help us run our offices smoothly

Your responsibilities

  • Ensure the setting up of the office in terms of:
    1. Pantry equipment
    2. Security guard
    3. General housekeeping
  • Be seated in the office to supervise the entry and exit of vendors.
  • Post office setup:
    1. Handle paperwork for HR (who will be in Goa).
    2. Handle team building / hamper distribution.
    3. Handle all office supplies.
    4. Be in touch with building management and report to me in case of any issues.
    5. Running around for printing / posting marketing material in HYD.
    6. Helping setup bank accounts, handle BGV and insurance of HYD employees.
    7. Report any HR / office issues to me from the staff.
    8. Coordinate on transportation of employees to and from the office.
    9. Handle local research on food cards and other local bonuses that can be given out.
    10. Send items to the Goa office that are not available for purchase in Goa.
    11. Travel to government offices and handle any paperwork that might be needed as standard compliance.
    12. Anything else that is needed to be handled in HYD.

Job Requirements:

  • Education: Bachelor degree preferred.
  • Experience: 2 years and above
  • Local from Hyderabad or worked in Hyderabad for minimum of 5 years
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written) – English
  • Verbal communication skills in Hindi and Telugu
  • MS Office; Word, PowerPoint and Excel, basic skills
  • Reporting skills
  • Research Skills
  • Ability to build and maintain relationships
  • Admin management and organization skills
  • Needs to be orderly and focused

Working hours – Flexible, mostly 11 AM – 8 PM

Salary Package – Rs. 2,40,000/-  to  Rs. 3,60,000/- per annum

Are you interested in this role? Well then! What are you waiting for? Fill out the form below and we will reach out to you to get your CV.

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